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Why Choose Master of Accounting Program?

The Master of Accounting Program at Universitas Gajayana offers several advantages, including:

Accredited B

It has been accredited by BAN-PT with Decree No. 1577/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/M/VI/2018

Qualified Lecturers

Professional teaching staff with Doctorate and Master's qualifications and professional certification.

Flexible Schedule

There are various schedules that can be chosen according to student needs.

Blended Learning

The learning model combines Theory and Practice, face-to-face and e-learning.

Affordable Costs

The tuition fee component only includes DPP, tuition fees, thesis and graduation.

Adequate Supporting Facilities

Complete and Comfortable Learning Space, equipped with Reading Room, Mosque and Seminar Room


The Master of Accounting Study Program at Gajayana University obtained an operational permit in 2016 and obtained its first accreditation in 2018 with Decree No. 1577/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/M/VI/2018


Registration of new students of the Master of Accounting study program comes from graduates of S1 / D4 Accounting (preferred) and other majors (terms and conditions apply). Student profiles of graduates of the Master of Accounting Study Program include consultants, auditors, lecturers / teaching staff, entrepreneurs, civil servants and others


The study load that must be taken by students including the thesis is 42 credits. The thesis is carried out through a Research approach (Science) or a case study approach (applied). The curriculum is designed to support graduates to continue their doctoral studies or have a career in business, professional services, government and other institutions.


The study period can be reached within 18 months.
* Decree Valid

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February 14 - 19, 2018

09:00 AM – 05:00 PM

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The course schedule is designed to be flexible for Mondays - Saturdays, Mornings and Evenings

This course discusses the theories (both normative and positive) that underlie financial reporting practices and research in the field of Financial Accounting.

This course discusses the theories and concepts as well as the practices of Financial Management and Capital Markets, developments and research advances in these fields.

This course discusses the development cycle of management information systems with a technical approach and a behavioral approach. This course also discusses the development of research and practice in the field of Management Information Systems.

This course discusses the development cycle of management information systems with a technical approach and a behavioral approach. This course also discusses the development of research and practice in the field of Management Information Systems.

This course discusses concepts related to the provision of International Accounting Information needs Product Costing, Decision Making, Controlling and performance evaluation

This course discusses the concepts and practices of ethics in business and its combination with the implementation of the concepts and principles of Good Governance. This course is equipped with relevant research studies

This course studies statistical techniques that support students in conducting thesis research. This course provides participants with practical experience in statistical analysis

3rd semester courses in study programs with student specializations which include 4 courses that can be selected and 10 courses available.

*Terms and Conditions apply

Semester 4 students carry out the thesis process which can be started from the previous semester 3 until the thesis examination. In Semester 4, students must be able to fulfill the requirements of scientific publications as required by the Law and other regulations


Some Profiles of Lecturers at MAKSI Uniga

Dyah Sawitri

Dr., S.E., M.Si., Ak., CA

Bambang Subroto

Prof., Dr., M.M., Ak.

Made Sudarma

Prof. Dr., Ak., CPA


Dr., S.E., M.M., Ak., CA.

Umi Muawanah

Dr., M.Si., Ak., CA.

Djuni Farhan

Dr., S.E., M.Si.

Abdul Halim

Dr., S.E., M.M., Ak., CA.

Kohar Adi Setia

Dr., M.M., BKP

Jose Rizal Joesoef

Dr., S.E., M.Si.


Drs., M.Sc., Ph.D

Sri Hastuti

Dra., M.Si., Ak., CA.

Dwi Orbaningsih

Dr. Dra., M.M., Ak., CA.

Ahmad Dahlan

Drs., Ak., CA., BKP.


Drs., Ak., CA., BKP.

Fahmi Poernamawatie

Dra., M.M., Ak., CA.

Oyong Lisa

Dr, S.E., M.M. Ak.

Navi Muda Priyatna

Dr., S.T., M.M.


Who can apply?
S1 / D4 graduates in Accounting or other fields by fulfilling the applicable requirements.
Applicants can submit TPA and TOEFL test results obtained from other institutions and register or take the TPA and TOEFL tests at UNIGA with a schedule set by the study program.
Tuition fees can be paid in monthly or semesterly installments.
Prospective students can register for odd and even semester lectures according to the schedule directly to the Admissions department or register online.
What is the lecture system?
Lecture system with face-to-face, assignments, online learning, seminars and tutorials.
The Master of Accounting Study Program accepts transfer students from other universities with applicable terms and conditions.
Studying in the Master of Accounting Study Program can be completed within 18 months with T&Cs applied
All students of the Master of Accounting Study Program are required to prepare and carry out a Thesis Examination as one of the requirements to graduate and obtain an M.Ak degree.



Peminatan I

Akuntansi Keuangan dan Pasar Modal

  • Teori Akuntansi dan Pelaporan Keuangan
  • Etika dan Corporate Governance
  • Manajemen Keuangan dan Pasar Modal
  • Pengauditan dan Atestasi Laporan Keuangan
  • Akuntansi Perpajakan
Peminatan II

Akuntansi Manajemen dan Perencanaan Pajak

  • Akuntansi Manajemen Lanjutan
  • Manajemen Biaya Strategis
  • Riset Akuntansi Keperilakuan
  • Manajemen Perencanaan Pajak
Peminatan III

Akuntansi Forensik & Sektor Publik

  • Akuntansi Sektor Publik
  • Akuntansi Keuangan Sektor Publik
  • Audit Sektor Publik
  • Perpajakan Sektor Publik

Biaya Pendidikan

Rincian Biaya Perkuliahan pada Program Studi Magister Akuntansi

Biaya Perkuliahan di Program Pascasarjana Magister Akuntansi sangat terjangkau.

Biaya terdiri dari

  • Biaya Pendaftaran
  • Dana Pengembangan Pendidikan
  • Biaya SPP
  • Tesis
  • Biaya Wisuda

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